Black Maternal Health Week 2024, is a crucial event dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of Black mothers and babies. Black Maternal Health Week is an annual event that runs from April 11th to 17th, with a significant milestone being its official recognition by the White House on April 13th, 2021. Our team at Black Girls Nutrition are proud to be part of a movement that advocates for the health of Black Birthing People and babies, especially during National Minority Health Month in the United States.

This annual event was founded by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and aims to raise awareness about the maternal health crisis affecting Black women in the United States and to empower them to take control of their health. Black Maternal Health Week is an essential event that shines a light on the issues facing Black mothers and babies. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness, promote advocacy, and engage in critical conversations about the health and well-being of Black women.


Timeline of Black Maternal Health


Despite advances in healthcare, Black mothers and babies still face disproportionately high maternal mortality rates, a crisis highlighted by Katia Powell-Laurent of Black Girls Nutrition through the "NO, Racism is the Issue! 400 Years Later and Racism is Still Killing our Black Mothers and Babies" timeline. This initiative traces the deep-seated racial disparities in maternal health back to 1619, emphasizing the urgent need for interventions against the systemic racism within our healthcare system.

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Our HUED Mamas Program

Our team at Black Girls Nutrition understand that every woman’s journey to motherhood is unique. We believe that a birthing person becomes a mother when she makes the decision to begin the journey to become a mother. Access to fertility care and assisted reproductive technology presents unique challenges for racial and ethnic minorities, despite the fact that reproduction is considered a fundamental human right.

Black Women are found to experience a longer period of infertility before their case is presented to a fertility specialist and are less likely to be referred. Our team of experts understand the unique challenges Black Women face when it comes to fertility and preconception care, and we are dedicated to providing evidence-based information, resources, and support that may increase your chances to conceive.Β Β 


Nutrition is an Essential Component of Maternal Health

Nutrition plays a crucial role in ensuring healthy pregnancies and positive birth outcomes for both the mother and the baby. Also, maintaining proper nutrition is essential for women who are trying to conceive. A balanced and nutritious diet can help ensure that a woman's body is prepared for pregnancy and can help support the healthy development of the fetus. Adequate intake of key nutrients, such as folic acid, iron, and calcium, can help prevent birth defects, support the growth and development of the baby, and reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy.

Poor nutrition, on the other hand, has been linked to an increased risk of infertility, as well as a higher risk of miscarriage and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Therefore, it is crucial for women who are trying to conceive to prioritize their nutrition and ensure that they are consuming a healthy and balanced diet. This can help increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and positive birth outcome.


Decolonize Your Food with Culturally Competent Nutritionists

Black women face numerous challenges that can make it difficult to access the necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. These challenges can include limited access to healthy foods, lower quality diets, and food insecurity.Β 

Poor maternal nutrition has been linked to numerous adverse health outcomes, such as preterm birth, low birth weight, and gestational diabetes. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize nutrition as part of Black maternal health initiatives and to ensure that all Black women have access to the resources they need to maintain a healthy diet from preconception throughout pregnancy. By addressing these nutritional disparities, we can help improve Black maternal health outcomes and ensure that all women have the opportunity to have a healthy pregnancy and birth.


The Importance of Black Maternal Health Week

The maternal health crisis affecting Black women in the United States is a critical issue that cannot be ignored. Black women are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than their white counterparts. This disparity in maternal mortality rates is unacceptable and must be addressed.

Our goal for Black Maternal Health Week 2024 is to empower Black mothers and families to take control of their health and well-being. We want to ensure that Black mothers have access to the care, resources, and support they need to have healthy pregnancies and births. By prioritizing the health of Black mothers, we can create a healthier future for our communities and our country.


How You Can Get Involved:

We believe that everyone has a role to play in promoting the health and well-being of Black Birthing People and babies. Here are a few ways you can get involved in Black Maternal Health Week 2024:

  • Attend BMHW Events: Join us for our webinars, workshops, and panel discussions to learn more about maternal health and how you can support Black mothers.
  • Spread the Word: Share information about Black Maternal Health Week 2024 on social media, with your friends and family, and in your community.
  • Support Black mothers: If you know a Black mother, offer your support and encouragement. Help her access the care and resources she needs to have a healthy pregnancy and birth.
  • Donate: Your support can help us continue our work to promote the health and well-being of Black mothers and babies.

The Massachusetts Doula Coalition, a community-led coalition is working to increase access to doula services for all birthing people in Massachusetts. We have an opportunity to make a real impact and build momentum on the Act Relative to Medicaid Coverage for Doula Services (HD. 1240/SD78).

This bill will:

  • Require that MassHealth cover doula services
  • ensuring doula access to hospitals
  • Invest in expanding the size and diversity of the doula workforce in Massachusetts
  • Engaging doula voices thought implementation
  • Ensure access to high quality doula trainings
  • Amend the Patient Bill of Rights to ensure the patient right to have their doula present
  • Establish a Doula Advisory Committee to give doulas and birthing people a role in ensuring implementation of doula coverage is effective, sustainable, and reduces inequities in outcomes

Contact your state representative today and ask them to co-sponsor the Bill (HD. 1240/SD78)!

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