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The Fact is that most...

major US weight-loss companies do not take in account the cultural dietary preferences and needs of Women of Color. As a result, traditional diet standards have FAILED Women of Color in the United States..

At Black Girls Nutrition, we empower Women of Color to lose the weight, break the cycle of dieting and connect with other women on a similar journey. We take pride in Connecting women to Inspire healthy eating and to Share experiences with other Women that look like them. We know that it is possible to be healthy without sacrificing the foods & flavors of your cultural heritage. We take immense pride in Connecting women to Inspire healthy eating and to Share experiences with other Women.


“If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together.” ~ African Proverb


We will never sacrifice our cultural heritage to be considered healthy. The foods and flavors we eat are woven into the fabric of our culture, our families, our history, and our DNA. To overhaul and change the foods we identify with and eat is to say there is something wrong with us and we know there is nothing wrong with us.🙅🏽‍♀️

Katia Powell-Laurent
Founder & CEO of Black Girls Nutrition

Wholistic Nutrition Packages

"SISTERHOOD" Collective

Initial Nutrition Assessment + tailored nutrition plan with meal plan to promote optimal health + goal setting + weekly review of food journal + unlimited nutrition chat coaching + group accountability & encouragement + WOC affirmations/mantras + access to my group tailored nutrition/healthy recipe/fitness resources


This package is tailored for the 21 Day Cleanse to jumpstart your holistic nutrition journey. This is a one-time program and recommended for all new clients, includes program nutrition products. Upon completion of the 21 Day Cleanse, you will be transitioned to different nutrition program.


This package is tailored for the woman that wants to invest 110% in her health journey and can benefit from extra support. You have more access to me and will receive quicker responses. Of course this includes everything offered in the "Sisterhood Collective" Program. Your nutrition is taken to the next level, as this includes program nutrition products that will help optimize your health results & transform your body.


Pricing Packages




  • Cultural Meal Guide 
  • Access to the Online Support Group
  •  Gallery of Healthy Recipes 
  • Special Promo for Events



  • Cultural Meal Guide
  • Group Nutrition Coach
  • 7 Day Suggested Meal Plan
  • Audio/Video Feedback 
  • Accountability Group
  • "The Sisterhood Collective"



  • Cultural Meal Guide
  • Personalized 14 Day Meal Plan 
  • Matched Nutrition Coach
  • Accountability Group
  • Weekly Video/Audio Feedback
  • Gallery of Healthy Recipes
  • VIP Promo for Products/Events

The Generational Effects of Unaddressed PTSD & The Threat of "Real or Perceived Racism" has a Negative Impact on the Health Outcomes for Women of Color.


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